How it works


Bee bride is a custom bridal design service. 

Looking for your dream dress can be stressful and intimidating. Our priority is working with you towards your dream dress. 

Step One


Your Pinterest wall! 

When you look around for your dream dress there are millions of images you can find, but that perfect dress may be a combination of them or simply out of your price range. Send those images to me and I'll design your dream 

Step two



From the images you have provided I will draw up the design, from here you will come in and you will tell me any changes that you want to the design. This consultation in in person so I can take your measurements.

First fitting


I create a mock-up of your dress based on your measurements and then fit it on you! this means any major changes can be done so your dress fits your body perfectly!

Second Fitting


Your dress is here! This is the second fitting where your dress will be predominantly finished! We will try it on you and any final changes will be conducted

Pick UP!


Your dress will be ready for pick up. We will do a final try on to make sure its everything you want it to be and then it will be ready for you to walk down that aisle!